Light control systems

Where intelligence meets flexibility

Light control systems offers significant benefits in terms of supporting user-control, light experience, and visual needs. Dimming and scheduling have become an integral part of light solutions as it facilitates flexibility and contributes to energy savings. Paired with the CrystalLed™ series, Ledlight Group delivers an intelligent light solution.  There are a number of ways to implement intelligent light solutions, which reduces energy consumption, saves operational costs, upholds industry standards and are environmentally friendly:

  • Scheduled automatic shutoff
  • Scheduled dimming of daylight aperture and working hours
  • Management of different cable-zones, which allows the light to function only where needed at all times


What is DALI?

In any light control system, the ballasts and controllers must be able to speak and hear the same language. In the case of digital dimming systems, this language is either proprietary or an open standard. The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is an open standard. DALI as the communication standard therefore enables the digital components to communicate.

Ledlight Groups light control systems comply with the DALI standard

The DALI System

The DALI system uses a two-wire bus to communicate. One DALI subnet is typically made up of up to 64 addressable lighting devices. However, by using Ledlight Groups` DALI Expander, several hundred fixtures can be controlled simultaneously from one device, allowing more fixtures to be controlled from one operator panel. Each DALI subnet can be programmed to have up to 16 groups with 16 scenes per device. Typical DALI systems include switches, scene controllers, dimmers, occupancy sensors, powers and communication bridges that can link the DALI bus to other networks.


  • DALI is a recognized international standard for lighting control systems.
  • DALI has proven its reliability for many years, and will continue to develop and support the growing demands for professional lighting.
  • The digital simplicity and flexibility that DALI provides enables customers to create solutions that are easy-to-use, robust, interoperable and affordable.
  • The compatibility and interchangeability of different control modules from different manufacturers are reliable when using the DALI standard.
  • The DALI system allows the customer to control light automatically or regulate it for its intended purpose.