Mantena AS installs lighting from Ledlight Group

Mantena AS, a subsidiary of Norwegian State Railways (NSB), has recently completed installation of  CrystalLed™ from Ledlight Group to illuminate their workshop facilities at Grorud, an industrial cluster in Oslo, Norway. Using CrystalLed™96, color temperature of 6000 Kelvin, the lamps are mounted at 9 meters height, in a hall where repair and maintenance of railway vehicles is performed. Ledlight Group has delivered a solution customized to the environment in the workshop. This is important to ensure that the lighting supports the workers, in their daily tasks, minimizing glare, and meet lighting standards  The projects is a first test phase, whereafter Mantena will consider transitioning to LED at more workshop locations. “This is an environment where CrystalLed™ luminaires fits very well» said Hanne Markussen, general manager, Ledlight Group. “Precise and functional lighting at industrial facilities is what CrystalLed™ is designed for, and we are looking forward to further cooperation with Mantena”

Mantena AS and Mantena Sverige AB, are fully owned subsidiaries of NSB, specializing in maintenance of railway vehicles.