Ledlight Group and Aluwave cooperation

Ledlight Group (LLG) has outsourced manufacturing of the CrystalLed™ product line to LED manufacturing specialist Aluwave AB in Göteborg, Sweden. Aluwave is an innovative Swedish company that designs and delivers customized lighting solutions to customers in the lighting industry. “The decision to select Aluwave as manufacturing partner is important for LLG as it gives us the benefits of specialized LED manufacturing, increased production capacity as well access to a larger base of LED engineering and design competence” said Hanne Holm-Lunder Markussen, CEO of LLG.

“CrystalLed™ will still be an LLG product, and our customers will continue to be served by LLG and our international reseller partners. The customers who have visited the new manufacturing facilities have been impressed by the quality, capacity and commitment of Aluwave. We believe this cooperation with Aluwave will help LLG on its mission to provide to worldclass LED-luminaires for industrial environments” said Ms Markussen.

More information on Aluwave: aluwave.com