Leading global manufacturers of aluminium installs CrystalLed™ LED luminaires

Ledilght Group is pleased to announce that it has recently installed CrystalLed™ LED luminaires at a factory site of one of the leading global manufacturers of aluminium.

The factory required a solution that provides improved lighting, and at the same time reduces electricity and maintenance costs. Additionally, having LED luminaires especialy designed and suitable for an industrial environment was important. Ledlight Group solved the challenge by installing customized CrystalLed™ 72LED, 107W, Ingress Protection 65&67, which reduce electricity consumption up to 75% compared to old lamps. Hanne Markussen, CEO Ledlight Group said: “We have over the years built a solid customer base of well-known clients in the sphere of industrial production facilities, both in Norway, Europe and Africa. LED lighting is environmentally friendly, financially beneficial over time, increases security, and provides lighting suited for the tasks at such factory facilities with required precision, e.g at aluminium and steel production sites. We are pleased that CrystalLed™  is chosen by this leading aluminium manufacturer in competition with both European brands and Asian alternatives, and will continue our strategy focusing on such industrial customers.»