CrystalLed™ for heavy industry production

Ledlight Group has recently installed CrystalLed™ LED lamps for heavy industry production at Algea, the world-leading seaweed meal manufacturer based in Norway.

Algea wanted a solution that provided exceptionally good lighting while also reducing energy consumption and operating costs. In addition, it was important that the LED lamps suited an industrial environment.

“We have had many problems with fluorescent lighting in the past. The lamps did not endure the conditions at the factory and we often had to replace them. It was both annoying and expensive, and we therefore decided to switch to LED. CrystalLed™ was chosen as the lamps are enduring, solid and robust”, said Operational Manager at Algea, Olav Nikolaisen.

The production facility is difficult to illuminate because of dust and humidity. Ledlight Group resolved this by installing customized CrystalLed™ LED lamps with IP 65/67.

«The production process at Algea results in brown-black dust on equipment, floors and ceilings. To keep production areas clean, we have to use high-pressure washers. The IP classification was therefore especially important when switching to LED, and the CrystalLed™ lamps have not disappointed», said Nikolaisen.