CrystalLed™ is designed to replace conventional lighting in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. With world-leading diodes from Cree and an intelligently designed light engine, CrystalLed™ lowers maintenance cost and saves energy, whilst also providing great improvement in lighting performance.


The lamp’s robust profile, low weight and versatile mounting options makes it particularly suitable for industrial applications, including:

    • Industrial sites e.g. production facilities
    • Harbours, cranes, secure areas
    • Parking, Bridges, tunnel, rail & street
    • Airport structures
    • Other buildings, infrastructure and general area lighting


CrystalLed™  Industrial

  • CrystalLed™ 96
  • CrystalLed™ 72
  • CrystalLed™ 48
  • CrystalLed™ 24

All lamps can be used in any configuration, mixing CrystalLed™ lamps depending on the area to be lighted. For more information, see consultancy page.