Company values

Performance, precision & safety


CrystalLed™ delivers high-end performance in terms of light output and energy savings, which improves end-user performance, user-experience and corporate and financial performance. In Ledlight Group, we focus on building a performance-driven internal culture to ensure full customer satisfaction.


CrystalLed™ provides exactly the light needed by the customer, cost-efficiently, and without wasting energy. Precision and quality in all internal processes is also of great importance in Ledlight group to ensure we deliver what is expected.


CrystalLed™ improves corporate safety by providing the best light output available in the market. Tailored light solutions improve work conditions as it reduces blind spots and provides detailed lighting. Ledlight Group always puts safety first at customer sites, and in our internal work.


image_344Nominee of the national environment award “Glassbjørnen” 2007